About Us

Chubby Cheeks Organics has been seven years in the making. It all started when my sister, Malak French, had a beautiful baby girl and wanted to give her the best start in life by cooking her only homemade organic baby food. My sister had a full time job and she found herself not having the time or energy to cook fresh, nutritious meals regularly for her daughter, resorting instead to store bought jars. She used to tell me all the time that she wished there was someone she could trust to make her daughter’s baby food for her. We agreed that if we ever start a business of our own, that’s exactly what we will do!

Six years later I, Hiba Van Dyk, had a handsome baby boy and naturally I also wanted to give my son only the best from day one, but when weaning started, so did the grey hairs. That is when we decided it was time to help other mommies and daddies out by giving them more quality time with their families and less time worrying about food preparation for their babies. So with the love, support, brains and brawn of our great husbands Chubby Cheeks Organics was born.

Chubby Cheeks Organics specializes in preparing freshly made, top quality, organic baby and toddler food delivered daily to parents with children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years. Our aim is to provide parents with healthy, delicious, and convenient meals for their little ones. We are here to take those worries away so that you can make room for the greatest thing that parenthood has on offer, quality time with your children.

We prepare all meals with the same care that we would for our own children. Complete transparency is provided to all parents regarding the contents of the meals we prepare. Each meal is made fresh daily with a recommended consumption period of 48 hours. Our meals are 100% fresh, 100% organic, and 100% Delicious. Give us a try and we’re sure you and your baby will agree. If it comes from our kitchen, parents can rest assured it was made with love.

Chubby Cheeks Organics
Organic Baby & Toddler Food Made With Love